Useful Things You Must Have in Your Car Trunk in Case of Emergency
Mar 16 2023 Rohan Sethi

Useful Things You Must Have in Your Car Trunk in Case of Emergency

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Road journeys are wonderful. They test you in many ways than just driving ability. As you drive towards your destination, you can truly appreciate the change in environment and culture. Yet, given the quality of our roads and the availability of roadside assistance, it is wise to be prepared for risks and uncertainties. Today, in addition to the essential car trunk organiser from World Car Accessories, we will guide you through 10 essential categories of products you should always keep in your car's trunk during a road trip.

1. First aid kit

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Certainly, your car has a first-aid kit, but it is quite basic. Not to mention that you most likely haven't checked the expiry dates on the medications in the kit.

Besides from the basics, you'll need medicines to treat motion sickness, antibiotics, gastrointestinal disorders, gauze and tape for wounds, burn care, painkillers, disinfectants, sunscreen and rehydration salts. Oh, and keep the barf bags handy. You'll most likely need a storage box to transport all of the additional medications, but better safe than sorry!

2. Tow rope and jumper cables

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Some may claim that with modern car dependability, a tow rope is unneeded, however it may also help you save others! Jumper cables could also come in use when anything as simple as a roof lamp left on all night drains the battery to the point where it has no ability to start the vehicle the next day. Of course, you'll need to learn how to use them with your specific car or risk causing further damage to it. Understanding how to jump-start a car is also a useful tip for avoiding the use of tow ropes or jumper wires!

3. Air pump and puncture repair kit

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Most cars come with a spare wheel, but let's be honest: we rarely check the air pressure in the spare tyre. If you own a modern car without a spare tyre, this turns into a no-brainer. An air pump ensures that you have adequate air in your tyres to keep moving if you need to replace or fix a punctured tyre.

You can use either an electric air pump or a foot pump; both are equally effective. Fixing a puncture on tubeless tyres makes more sense than lugging everything out of your boot to get the spare wheel. Alternatively, you might purchase a trunk organiser from World Car Accessories and spare yourself a lot of hassle during a difficult period. Sidewall punctures are the only ones that cannot be repaired with a puncture repair kit. They are, fortunately, not frequent.

4. Car umbrella

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A road trip requires safeguard against all sort of weather. An umbrella is an essential since it will protect people from rain and sun if you need to walk outside your car to replace a tyre or check the car's exterior.

An umbrella isn't going to be as beneficial if it is raining and windy. That's the reason why you should bring a windcheater with you. You may not mind getting wet in order to change a tyre, however drying off the car seats afterwards will be nearly difficult. The windcheater would also keep you dry and comfortable until you're able to find a location to change into clean clothes.

5. Seat belt cutter

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A seat belt cutter is an instrument that enables you to cut through a stuck seat belt in the event that the momentum reel fails to release after an accident. Search for a seat belt cutter with a pointed end and heaviness, similar to a hammer. It will support you in breaking out of a vehicle if the windows are stuck tight and the doors refuse to open.


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